The work of developing a Canadian, advocate-led case review model was first undertaken by independent VAW frontline advocates in response to high rates of case attrition in sexual assault reports at the police level.

By 2016 the first VACR reviews began being implemented by municipal police services, but it was the release of the Globe and Mail’s Unfounded series in 2017 that brought VACR to national attention. What began as a four-city project has grown into a pan-Canadian best practice led by IIAP’s project leader & model co-founder, Sunny Marriner.

Over 25 years Sunny has worked with advocates and all levels of policing in Canada to implement evidence-based, methodologically sound oversight practices, and promising practices in sexual assault investigations.

Sunny Marriner

Project Lead

Sunny has been working as an advocate, activist, trainer, frontline support worker, researcher, consultant, and community leader on issues relating to violence against women (VAW) in Canada for more than 20 years. As the founder of Ottawa’s first support and outreach program for young marginalized and criminalized survivors of sexual violence, Sunny has provided thousands of hours of support and advocacy to young women survivors of violence and state intervention.

As Executive Director of the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre, Sunny mobilized an organization providing support and advocacy to survivors of sexual violence, while advancing community development and education around issues relating to sexual violence, marginalization and women’s equality. Sunny transitioned to full-time VACR Project Lead in 2018.

Sunny’s focus has been law reform in criminal justice treatment of sexual assault. In particular, she is the leading Canadian expert in the implementation of the Philadelphia Model of VAW Advocate Case Review to ensure thorough police investigations and accountability in reported cases of violence against women.

Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW)

Organizational Lead

OCTEVAW is one of several local grassroots feminist anti-violence organizations advocated for the implementation of VACR in Ottawa. We unite organizations and individuals in the Ottawa region who are working to end gender-based violence and violence against women.

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